Modern Logistics Solutions:
Simple – Fast – Trusted

Each year savvy business people just like you — busy professionals with a valid sense of urgency and a passionate commitment to excellence — trust MLS Courier with over One Million delivery stops. 

Whether navigating one of over 300-plus scheduled daily routes or performing mission-critical on-demand services MLS Courier utilizes state-of-the-art IT systems, easy-to-use web portals, and a dependable team of logistics experts in delivering fast, reliable, and consistent courier services. You even have uncomplicated order entry and tracking at the click of a button 24/7/365.

MLS Courier is agile, versatile, and highly-mobile. As a result, we confidently offer end-to-end medical delivery services, final mile transportation solutions, healthcare logistics, laboratory pick-up and delivery, and other specialized retail courier services. All with laser-like focus on driving excellence for your organization.

Values are
the difference.

MLS Courier boasts a 98% on-time performance record. A level of accomplishment earned through commitment, communication, consistency, and professional courtesy.

Whether you require time-sensitive, just-in-time, on-demand, or regularly scheduled route deliveries, the MLS Courier value-centric approach gives you flexibility and confidence in serving your clients, patients, customers, and strategic partners in the best possible way.

Best of all every MLS Courier team member — both full-time employees and private contractors — are fully invested in the values framing your logistics and delivery services.

Client Testimonials

As a large pharmaceutical and healthcare products distributor we rely heavily on our delivery partners to provide reliable, friendly service to over 200 pharmacies and hospitals across Idaho and Wyoming. The team at MLS Couriers has been providing this service to us consistently for over 8 years. We are thankful for the partnership that we’ve established over the years with the great people at MLS.
Matt b.
McKesson Pharmaceutical Solutions and Services
Running a Regional Medical Laboratory for an IDN such as St. Luke’s Health System requires having dedicated partners that work with us to meet the needs of our patients. We rely heavily on MLS Courier to provide dependable and professional services covering several hospitals and clinics spanning substantial parts of Idaho and Eastern Oregon. The team at MLS Courier runs their operations 24/7 and 365 days a year. They have been our partner for several years; providing both routine and on demand services at very competitive rates. We are thankful for the partnership that we’ve established with MLS, and look forward to build this relationship in the years to come.
Kola Ogunrinola | Jordan Harris
PhD (Laboratory Director) | MHS (Supervisor, Courier Services)
MLS has been a great courier partner over the past 7 years. They are reliable and provide consistent professional delivery services to our customers.
alejandro gonzales
District Transportation Manager, AmerisourceBergen
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