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Scheduled Deliveries

MLS Courier team members successfully complete over 300 scheduled and on-demand stops per day. All while maintaining a 98% on-time performance record. State-of-the-art order intake and tracking technology, a team of highly skilled logistics and operations experts, and you — clients with the knowledge and insight required for effectively planning and implementing a regimented delivery schedule make this exceptional level of achievement possible. 

on-demand courier

Things don’t always go according to plan. Urgent needs arise for any number of reasons and cannot be avoided. Which is why MLS Courier employs a flexible, at-the-ready network of both full-time and contract couriers. You will appreciate the easy-to-use web-portal that allows you to schedule a delivery on-demand (see the button on the right). Moreover, the system provides accurate tracking and delivery notifications.

final mile

Just-in-time manufacturers, time-sensitive distributors, and demanding consumers expect fast and frictionless order intake, fulfillment and delivery. As a result, final mile logistics is emerging as a key differentiator and strategic advantage for customer-centric firms. MLS Courier provides you with the technology and courier network to continually minimize costs and optimize client satisfaction.

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